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Customised integrations

The needs of the sector are evolving, which is why we are adapting to the integrations that your business needs to generate more bookings.We work with the main market managers and tools, but we can develop as many integrations as you want.

Don't you find the integration you were looking for?

We can work on it.

Channel Manager

We work with the main brands in the market so that beth integrates all its functionalities into the channel manager you work with. Manage prices and availability as you have always done, with the support of a booking engine designed exclusively for your hotel.

Metamanagers / Meta-search engines

The sales strategy in meta-search engines is key for supporting your direct sales. beth integrates with the market’s main meta-search engines and allows you to monitor your campaigns and acquisitions in real time.

Property Management Systems (PMS)

beth also integrates with the PMS you use to manage your guests and bookings. Get fast and effective results with this option, especially useful for hotel receptions and revenue managers.


In the age of data and analysis, we are more concerned than ever that you can track through the main market analysis tools. beth integrates with all of them in order to have a more efficient management of your website, campaigns and bookings.

Widgets / Tracking

All your main tracking tools and direct sales actions, directly connected to your booking engine. Guarantee the best price from your hotel’s website by using the main tracking integrations: Google Analytics, Google Adwords,, etc.

Price comparator + disparity tracking

Personalization of messages based on user behavior

Hotel ratings / scores

Live chat

Click to call

Abandoned Cart&Visitor recovery

Check in online


Payment gateways

We are more concerned than ever about speeding up the booking process and, in order to provide the user and the owner with an efficient and secure payment method, we offer integration with the main payment gateways in the current scenario.


The star of the assistants for virtual customer service is also a good friend of beth. It automates the booking quotation process with direct integration between the chatbot and the booking engine.


Our beth booking engine allows you to integrate the flight plus hotel search to make it easier for users to book their holidays.